Be a Privacy Champion with Graphletter

Graphletter's compliance intelligence software platform helps your organization find and manage privacy risks to become an industry leader in trust and safety

Powerful Solutions
Out of the Box

no onboarding required

Pre-built with all the legal terms, definitions, and jurisdictional requirements you'll need to assess your global data protection compliance

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Full Compliance orchestration platform

Create a structured library of your processing activities that can be accessed, reviewed, and updated effortlessly

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Manage complexity with ease

Intelligent automation and workflow tools keep you focused and provide solutions directly tailored to your needs

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Detailed insights in minutes

Graphletter helps you drill down on core data protection principles and what matters most to regulators.

We structure this information to produce fine-grained assessments of how well you meet requirements.

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Carry out unmet needs directly in Graphletter

Once you've determined what you need to do to, the next step is figuring out how to do it.

Use Graphletter's extensive library of smart workflows to tackle compliance risks as soon as you identify them.

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Manage your entire compliance program in a single, centralized platform

Capture all the complexity of your compliance ecosystem by:

  • uploading organizational measures,
  • adding third party processors,
  • categorizing by business function or product,
  • describing technical measures, or
  • attaching data processing agreements

Link these to your processing activities to develop an unparalleled understanding of your privacy & data protection practices.

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