Be a privacy champion with Graphletter

Graphletter's compliance intelligence software platform helps your organization find and manage privacy risks to become an industry leader on trust and safety

Powerful Solutions
Out of the Box

Predefined Workflows

Use data protection rulesets tailored to your specific industry and regulatory environment

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Data Mapping

Analyze, document, and track data flows of personal information through the Graphletter dashboard

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Impact Assessments

See the impact of your data transfers and processing activities so you can assess and prioritize needs

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Offload your non-legal tasks

When it comes to data protection, compliance teams spend too much time on organizational challenges:

  • communication failure
  • project management
  • capturing knowledge
  • change management

Graphletter helps you connect all your stakeholders, capture their various insights, and oversee your business risks at a high level.

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Establish who owns what

Data protection cuts across so many boundaries and has so many interested parties that it can become difficult to know who is responsible for what.

Graphletter helps you avoid these pitfalls by providing a highly structured data mapping process that requires little to no onboarding.

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Understand your priorities

Data privacy is based on principles. In the absence of clearly-defined rules, organizations have been slow to set priorities and proactively manage their privacy risks.

Graphletter is a functional layer between the abstract principles of data protection law and the operational realities of your organization.

Eliminate fear, uncertaintly, and doubt with individualized, high-value guidance from Graphletter's intelligent compliance platform.

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Spreadsheets and Word documents won't cut it anymore. Privacy champions deserve better tools.Start Graphletter today.